Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Spring Break '11

Hey guys! It's good ol' Bear Blanket and Elijah again! The past couple of weeks have been crazy! I was able to visit som of my friends and family in Houston for spring break. It was really fun. First, we went to lunch with Nana and Grandpa and they let me pick out a toy afterwards. Then from there we went to my Mi Mi and Pa Pa's house and we there for a week and a half. So many things happened that it is hard to remember it all, but I will give you some of the highlights. I got to visit with all of my uncles and aunts and they even took me out to eat. Mi Mi also took me toy shopping and I picked out a steering wheel and some blocks. I got to go to bible study and church and was able to play with some of the friends that I have been missing from Anchor. I was really sad though, because the Yarbroughs weren't there and I didn't get to see Angel Sisk either. Mommy, Auntie Jamie and Aunt Kim took me to meet up with some other kids for ice cream. I got to try vanilla frozen yogurt and boy did I love it. Then I came home and Mi Mi let me suck on a piece of a chocolate chip cookie and I liked that too. Mi Mi and Mommy took me to Sports Clips to get my second hair cut and I was not very happy about it. I mean, they made mommy hold my head straight while Mi Mi held my body. Even though I didn't like getting my hair cut, it did turn out pretty handsome if I do say so myself.

I finally got to spend some time with Pa Pa when he got back in town at the end of the week. I was so excited. He also let me try some watermelon, but I am not too sure I am ready for that quite yet. But he played with me and made me laugh. We had a really good time.

It was a really great week and I tried a lot of new things, but my daddy had to stay home to work and I was really starting to miss him. The whole week I would ask mom where he was to look at his picture by saying,"Da Da". Then, after what seemed to be forever, he came back for me. I was watching veggie tales with my family when all of the sudden there he was. I was so excited that all I could say was "Da Da" over and over again.

I had a lot of fun at Mi Mi and Pa Pa's, but I was really excited to get home. There were so many things that Bear Blanket and I needed to catch up on and accomplish. So, it was back to the daily grind.

I tried vanilla yogurt.

I have perfected crawling through the coffee table. I started off kind of rocky but eventually got it.

Lee and Mandy Wise came to visit for the weekend. We went to the park and played frisby.

We got to visit a few churches and I went and played in the nursery at The City Church and I got to play with a little girl my age. We also met our next door neighbors. They are really nice! They grow veggies on their patios. Yummy! I am trying to get two bottom teeth right now. Maybe when they come in I can send Bear Blanket to sneek me some vegies fromtheir patio.

I have successfully gone from 3 naps to 2.

But the thing I am most excited about is that I have discovered that I am an amazing dancer. Just watch this!(A special thanks to the band Gungor for the providing the song "Beautiful Things" for me to showcase my talents with.)

Well, here are a few more pics from the past couple of weeks.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Month in Austin

Dear Friends,
I decided to start this blog to keep all of my adoring fans up to date on all of the goings on of Bear Blanket and I. You see Bear Blanket (my best friend, besides mommy of course) and I have moved to Austin, away from all of our closest friends and family. We also have family and friends that are out of state that we would like to keep up to date also. So I know that we (Bear Blanket and I) are late getting started by a whole month, but you see there was a huge tragedy. Once we had gotten settled down here in Austin, Mommy and Daddy thought that they had lost Bear Blanket in the move. Can you believe it? They thought they had lost my best friend! So we continued to take pictures and make videos for the blog, but I wanted to hold out on posting anything, because I knew Bear Blanket would find his way home. And guess what! Today my favorite mommy in the whole world found him in the bag with all of the other stuffed animals!!!! I was so happy, I knew he would come home. So now that I feel comfortable with posting with Bear Blanket, I will update you on what has been going on for the past month with pictures and videos.

This is a video that mommy and I made our first week here:

We also have been going to the park since the weather has been nice and I got to go on a swing and slide for the first time.

We spend most days either going out with mommy and daddy or hanging out at the house and playing with my toys.

I have also been trying lots of new foods while we have lived here. I found out that I love bananas, oatmeal, zuchini, butternut squash, pears, apples, and bluberries. But do you know what Bear Blanket and I both hate? Peas!! They are really gross and they smell weird too. My mommy makes all of my baby food from scratch so I know that it is really good for me. She makes a bunch and then freezes it so it stays fresh for a long time.

My mommy even lets me try to feed myself sometimes.

And I also learned how to play a new game!

I have a had a really great time here in Austin for my 7th month of life. Tomorrow is my 8 month birthday and I look forward to seeing what adventures Bear Blanket and I will take. I will keep you updated and hopefully will see you all soon. We love you!
-Elijah and Bear Blanket